Epoxy Floor Coating
Solutions for Industrial Businesses

Provide a cleaner, safer and more efficient working environment.

Epoxy Floor Coating solutions for factories in East Anglia.

Is your factory floor showing signs of decay such as cracking, peeling, bubbling or warping?

These are signs of problems resulting from the floor structure. A badly maintained floor or the wrong flooring solution can also lead to health and safety risks, personal injuries, reduced work production, further site degradation and also look really shoddy.

Floteck Suffolk is able to assist you in choosing the right flooring solution for your business.

Why Use Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Attractive Flooring


Low maintenance Resin floors

Low maintenance

Seamless Flooring


Affordable Flooring


Durable Factory Flooring


Chemical resistant Flooring

Chemical resistant

Impact resistant flooring

Impact resistant

Non-slip floor

Non-slip property’s

Cost-effective and highly durable.

Floteck’s 20+yrs experience in flooring means we are able to identify any problems quickly and provide a flooring solution suited to your needs. Our flooring looks professional and offer long term performance and durability. We advise you on the right floor coatings, products and specifications to ensure you get the right solution.

We will ensure minimal interruption to your business and ensure work is carried out within set deadlines.

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Industrial resin flooring

Industrial resin flooring

For industrial premises, we offer a range of floor coverings from epoxy paint coats to hard wearing self leveling screeds.

Commercial resin flooring

Commercial resin flooring

We can provide a range of epoxy floor finishes that are ideal for shop fronts, kitchens and pharmaceutical labs.

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