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Get in touch with Floteck for industrial and commercial resin flooring across Cambridgeshire and East Anglia.

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What we offer?


Industrial resin flooring

For industrial premises, we offer a range of floor coverings from epoxy paint coats to hard wearing self leveling screeds.


Commercial resin flooring

We can provide a range of epoxy floor finishes that are ideal for shop fronts, kitchens and pharmaceutical labs.

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Experienced resin floor installers

Here at Floteck, our experienced staff can undertake all kinds of resin flooring projects. We can visit your premises to advise as to which resin flooring and finishing will best suit your needs. Get in touch with us for more details.

Why Use a Resin Floor?



Low maintenance Resin floors

Low maintenance





Durable Factory Flooring



Chemical resistant


Impact resistant


Non-slip property’s

Resin flooring uses

Floteck East Anglia offers a wide range of industrial resin flooring solutions to suit a wide range of service conditions required by the demanding industrial sector.

Our flooring solutions range from ultra-lightweight epoxy floor seal coatings right up to super heavy-duty polyurethane flooring systems for the most demanding industrial environments.

Resin flooring provides an extremely cost effective and durable solution for all types of factory floors, chemical resistant, impact resistant and non-slip are a few of the benefits this flooring solution offers.

Each job requires a unique flooring solution. Therefore Floteck offers free on-site inspections to assure you that the best available resin flooring materials are selected.

Floteck East Anglia offers garage resin flooring solutions to homeowners as well as commercial or industrial clients.  Standard off the shelf one pack flooring paint tends to wear and break down over a short time due to vehicle traffic, vehicle weight and heat transfer from tyres as well as general poor surface adhesion.  We offer high quality two pack epoxy seamless flooring finishes which are available in a range of colours which are easily cleaned and maintained

Floteck East Anglia has accrued over 20 years of experience in the food processing flooring industry, we ensure all flooring solutions are tailored to suit your various processing environments.

Our flooring systems provide a practical and durable solution that is easily maintained, offer non-slip safety and are easily kept clean.

Floteck offers a complete solution for pharmaceutical resin flooring. We cater to all areas within pharmaceutical facilities as well as an extensive range of sub floor screeds and substrate treatments in order to ensure the integrity of the final floor finish.

Flooring is a critical consideration in the construction of pharmaceutical facilities, pharmaceutical builds require floor systems that meet the strict hygiene and safety standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Non-slip, chemical resistant, durable and low maintenance, our flooring solutions are compliant with the CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)

Floteck’s resin driveways make it easy for you to modernise your driveway. You can be assured you are getting expert advice coupled with a quality finish that will be durable, cost-effective and low maintenance.

Resin driveways are 5x more durable than concrete without the hassle of cracks and loose stones. Low maintenance, the only require the occasional sweeping and power washing to keep on looking as good as new.

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