Peterborough’s Top Company For Commercial Resin Flooring

Floteck has been Peterborough’s top resin flooring provider for over 20 years.

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Commercial resin flooring experts serving Peterborough

You can rely on Floteck to provide you with unparalleled flooring services for your business premises. We offer excellent services for the installation of epoxy resin flooring which provide a tough and durable protective finish to your floors. These are available in a variety of colours and can be used for domestic purposes as well.


Epoxy self levelling screeds and more durable Polyurethane screeds, that are ideally suited in garages and food preparation areas.

Floteck’s expert advice and in-depth site surveys with the latest testing equipment, we are always able to specify the right product for your businesses floor.


Flake floors have a scattering of decorative paint flakes sandwiched between an epoxy resin base coat and a clear epoxy resin top coat. These are ideal for shops, pharmaceutical labs and even wet rooms and showers.

This type of flooring is also ideal for home projects including bathrooms. View our domestic flooring offering here.

Top rated Peterborough floor specialists supplying resin flooring to commercial spaces.

Floteck flooring is the ideal option for commercial resin floors, as it is designed for use in retail spaces, offices and commercial buildings. Easy to maintain and clean, our resin is also remarkably hard-wearing with a lifespan of approximately 40 years.

We have supplied commercial resin flooring to countless business around Peterborough and East Anglia.

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Industrial resin flooring

Industrial resin flooring

For industrial premises, we offer a range of floor coverings from epoxy paint coats to hard wearing self leveling screeds.

Commercial resin flooring

Commercial resin flooring

We can provide a range of epoxy floor finishes that are ideal for shop fronts, kitchens and pharmaceutical labs.

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